We are often asked to share resources and ideas with families. On this page you will be able to read articles written by our staff, as well as other professionals, or find links to sites that we have found to be helpful.


Autism Hangout is a site dedicated to bringing timely, relevant news, resources and hope to those affected by autism.

9th Planet uses videos with a recurring science fiction theme to teach social skills.

Parent Books is an Aspergers Syndrome resource for parents that reviews the latest publications on the market.

Aspires Relationships is an online resource for spouses or family members of adults diagnosed with autism.

Roger N. Meyer - a personal collection of articles and letters written by a man with Aspergers Syndrome

Wrong Planet is a website community where members communicate with each other through articles, blogs and a chatroom.

Autism Tennessee

TEACCH program of North Carolina: Teaching, Expanding, Appreciating, Collaborating and Cooperating, and Holistic approaches to working with individuals with Autism.

Vanderbilt TRIAD - Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Link Store - custom designed products

Autism Spot - Autism news, blogs and forums

Autism Speaks

Autism Society of America

First Signs is a site that provides vital resources regarding screening, diagnosis and treatment for Autism.

Special Ed Services - authored by and Autism consultant to schools; providing information about school series and IEP's

I Keep Bookmarks - a wonderful "click on" list of books and activities for kids with Autism


Do 2 Learn provides thousands of free pages with social skills, songs, games, behavior and life skills guides and activities.

Literacy Connections - activities to build oral language/vocabulary as it relates to written language

Sign Language/Picture Cards

Giving Greetings - resource for pictures for communication and visual aids for schedule boards


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Proloquo2go - This app provides your child a "voice" where ever he/she goes! A communication board that allows you to use pictures from your phone or ipad! Costs about $200 but worth it; especially if your child uses it in therapy.

Learning Dissabilities/Executive Functioning

Lumosity - train memory and attention and track progress

LD Online - provides accurate advice and information about learning disabilities and ADHD


School Behavior - information regarding behaviors of people with various disorders including anxiety, Aspergers, Non-Verbal Learning Disability, and Tourettes Syndrome

Expressive Language

Squidoo - suggestions to help parents develop fun and creative ways to help preschools learn language and cognitive skills

C.J. Monty - a variety of activites aimed at improving syntax and grammatical sentence development

Feeding and Swallowing Disorders

Help! My Child Won't Eat - article by Terri Flynn

Sensory Processing

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Profession Websites

ASHA - American Speech Language Hearing Association


AOTA - American Occupational Therapy Association

Syndromes and Diagnoses

Birth Injury Guide - a comprehensive resource for families coping with birth trauma

Florida Injured Baby - This site helps families to understand the cause and treatment of birth injuries

Cerebral Palsy Guide - This organization shares educational materials with families and individuals affected by cerebral palsy, including information about different therapies, treatment options, and financial resources.